there is two more expansions
you're legit
Include suggested set's and/or have a ranking system for card sets.
Fix the 'x' location on the selected expansions.
Beedog cards!
Make this box enter text when you press enter
When reshuffling try creating the new list in parallel and then swapping it out.
Where can I find more beedogs?
What is the technology behind the current website? WHATEVER IT'S CHANGE IT TO SOMETHING ELSE, FOR LULZ!
I <3 YOU
Yeah, being able to lock or ban a certain card or cards would be cool. - David
Implement fancyBox to zoom in on individual cards.
A permalink for a given 10-card set (like https://dominiongirl.herokuapp.com/?set=12312312312312), so that I can send it to a friend.
Require any given card.
Require trashing mechanism if there are witches etc.
Require action-reaction card if there's an action-attack
Ability to ban cards